Think globally, spend locally! Goods & Services available within the Awakenings Community.

Birth Related/Parenting
  • Tabitha Ames – Childbirth education classes, birth and postpartum doula services, lactation education, and as a childbirth educator trainer.
  • Simona Fino – Birth and postpartum doula, placenta preparation, herbalist and infant potty training/Elimination Communication (EC) training
  • Suzette Hibble – Photography-specializing in pregnancy, birth & newborn photography, and birth doula.
  • Cris Nicole – Photography, including pregnancy and birth
  • Francine Madrid – Massage Therapy, Doula Support, Childbirth Education, Mayan Abdominal Massage
  • Natalie Thiel – Childbirth education, parenting education, and sex education.
  • Nickie Tilsner – Doula and doula trainer
  • Mendy Thijssen – Belly Casting, ceramic belly bowls or baskets, Birthing From Within sessions, and placenta encapsulation
  • Shawna McLaggan-Seja – Placenta encapsulation and postpartum household support
  • Sarah Brick – Placenta encapsulation
Bodywork/Energy Work
  • Ursula Ferreira – Transformative, practical & nourishing support. Orgasmic birth coaching & education, prenatal & postpartum massage, craniosacral integration for mom & baby.
Holistic Care Providers (including pregnancy and postpartum)
Movement Care/Yoga/Etc
  • Shanta Kokatay – Pilates including prenatal and postnatal mamas and integrates knowledge of herbs, homeopathy and nutrition.
Products for Body, Health and Well-being
  • Nieves – Handmade Natural Body Care made with super natural ingredients, sassy sincerity and apothecary style. Everything Good – Nothing Bad
  • Krissy Rich – Essential Oils
Anything Kids
  • Prisna Nuengsigkapian – Flowtoys produces rechargeable and sustainable illuminated toys and gear that motivate movement (poi, staffs, levitating wands etc.).
  • Shannon Reilly – All sorts of things for kids. Skirts, tooth fairy pillows, pants cuffs for your pants when you ride your bike, animal pillows.