IUI and ICI with Awakenings

Introduction to Well Woman Care - Ken Goldman

We are excited to offer Intrauterine (IUI) and Intracervical (ICI) insemination services to those seeking support getting pregnant. Whether you’re new to this process or a seasoned recipient, we can meet your needs. We offer care in both our (home) office or your home (within a designated region).

We serve people who were assigned female at birth, regardless of their gender pronoun. We serve those planning this process with or without partner(s). We serve people who may have had difficulty getting pregnant with the conventional medical approach. We serve people who simply want to get pregnant in their home.

We offer both IUI and ICI services.

Sperm to Womb/IntraUterine Insemination (IUI) is a process where (isolated) sperm is placed directly into one’s womb. One must acquire sperm from a sperm bank or have a donor to provide the semen. We then “wash” the semen and the sperm is isolated. The sperm is then placed directly into the womb/uterus.

Sperm to Cervix/IntraCervical Insemination (ICI) is a process where semen (sperm and seminal fluid) is placed directly on the cervix.

We are able to prepare and wash sperm.

What IUI or ICI Care Includes

IUI or ICI sessions include:

  • An intake process including a comprehensive health history assessment.
  • Support understanding and assessing your ovulation cycle.
  • We provide all the supplies needed to complete the process (except the donor or sperm).
  • On-call availability for your ovulation window.

What care does NOT include:

  • Sperm or a donor. You can provide prepared/frozen sperm or we can wash the sperm from a known donor.
  • Preparation for pregnancy support and thorough pre-conception counseling.
  • Health and Healing sessions.
  • Birth Services.

These are other service we offer. We hope to support you in any of them. We offer discounts to birth service fees, should you decide to move forward with us for a homebirth.

The Process

The Process to Determine if we are your Midwives

If you’re seeking IUI or ICI services from Awakenings, we start with a phone call or email to answer any questions.

Just send us an inquiry letting us know you are interested.

Please be specific with what you’re hoping with regards to the care and include any pertinent information to your history and health.

Once you’re ready to set up an appointment, the next step is to talk on the phone to discuss the process and expectations around care. We help sort out understanding your cycle (if needed). We also offer basic herbal support that can nourish a body preparing for pregnancy. We’ll also send you some links to documents so that you can begin the intake process.

Getting Started with IUI/ICI – the Intake Process!

Getting Started with Awakenings - the Intake Process!

We will send you a IUI Welcome Pack over email or select the button below.

Please have the paperwork ready for the first appointment. If you do not have access to a printer, let us know and we’ll send you the documents via snail mail.

This is holistic healthcare, which means we like to know a lot up front, so anticipate an hour or two to read through and fill out all the required documents.

  • Be prepared to pay for the services in full at each visit.

With IUI and ICI, some people are ready to go and have no desire to complete a health history. If this is the case for you, okay, you can skip this, but please keep in mind we may ask you more questions; and the answers to your questions will be more general and may not be specific to your body/needs. Please let us know in advance if you plan to skip this portion of the intake process. You can change your mind at any point.


Well Woman CareLocation: Appointment location takes place at your home or our (home) office, depending on your preferences.

Appointments are scheduled 9a-5p, Monday – Sunday.

Length of Appointments: Visits are scheduled for 2 hours. Sessions tend to decrease in time with subsequent visits.

On-Call for Sessions: As you may know, we cannot schedule our appointments in advance because we are waiting for you to ovulate. If your cycle is highly regular, we can set tentative time(s) together, and will modify as needed. In any case, we require 12 hours notice to schedule the session and 12 hours notice to cancel/reschedule any sessions.

Fees for Services

Fees for Services

Office Visits for IUI or ICI are: $250/session. If you require more than 6 sessions, the fee lowers to $225/session.

Home Visits (within Awakenings range) for IUI or ICI are: $300/session. If you require more than 6 sessions, the fee lowers to $275/session.

Sperm Washing: $250/wash.

If you consider your family to have “financial hardship,” please see the sliding scale section.



$50 from each session up to $650 will be applied to the birth services fee should you decide to work with us. 🙂

Additional Expenses: Refundable Deposit

Additional Expenses

The standard fee does not include any lab work such as paps, blood draws, or STI testing. It does not include herbal and homeopathic remedies.

These may incur an additional expense.

Because of this, you are required to pay, separate from the Holistic Healthcare fee, a “Petty Cash Refundable Deposit” should you require any labs, etc.

The “Petty Cash Refundable Deposit” amount varies and depends on what testing/screening you plan to receive. We estimate the cost of these labs. We consider it a deposit because lab fees are always changing and we will not know the true cost until the bill is received. Any expenses exceeding the refundable deposit will be billed accordingly and you are responsible to pay. Any unused funds will be returned.

Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale

Access to midwifery care is EXTREMELY important to Awakenings. We hope to provide care to all people regardless of income.

As holistic care has grown, it has moved further and further from low-income communities and people of color. In staying true to the values of midwifery, we offer sliding scale and flexible payment plans to those willing to discuss their financial status with us.

We trust you will value and prioritize this quality care over accessories. But even still, it can be challenging to know whether one qualifies for sliding scale. A general guideline is whether or not it creates “Financial Hardship.” Generally, if you have to wonder whether it does or doesn’t, you probably don’t fit that category. If you’re struggling to pay rent each month or can’t purchase the nourishing foods you want, you do qualify.

If you decide a sliding scale applies to you, please consider bartering for a portion of the fee. We are open to your ideas!

Insurance Coverage

If you have a PPO health insurance, you may be able to obtain reimbursement in accordance with your insurance plan for services from providers who are “out-of-network.”

If you would like to bill your insurance, we will provide a superbill with the codes applicable to the care you received. You can then submit that to your insurer. We are sorry we are unable to assist you in insurance billing endeavors at this time.

Download IUI Welcome Pack