Referrals to practitioners

Pregnancy is a time when our body let’s us know some extra support is required – because it is now devoting many of its resources to growing a new human. No little feat!

In our non-pregnant state, our bodies are constantly working to maintain balance – and generally do so without much notice. Pregnancy allows for the uncovering of where our bodies work a little harder, thus gives us the opportunity to reassess, find support and heal those areas that may need a little extra love and care.

We believe it is our fundamental right to take care of ourselves, thus it is our right and responsibility prioritize taking care of ourselves and not feel guilty about it!

So, we encourage our clients to get body work or other therapies as needed. If not now, then when? It’s time for the world to heal, and it can only start within ourselves.

We are fortunate to be living in the Bay Area with so many practitioners in a multiplicity of disciplines available to us.

The recommendations here are for practitioners who specialize in pregnancy, have worked with us in the past and/or are known and trusted by ourselves or our families.

Childbirth Preparation Classes and Other Classes:
Homebirth Focused:
HypnoBirthing Inspired:
Birthing From Within:
Prenatal Doulas:

Cornerstone Doulas – low fee doulas (For references for a Volunteer Doula (low or no cost to clients) please contact Nickie Tilsner of the Cornerstone Academy of Doula Training and Childbirth Education

Postpartum Doulas and Care:
Prenatal and Postpartum Doulas:
Tub Rentals
Pediatric Care:

Check out the “*” in other sections to see which practitioners work with newborns/babies

Acupuncturists/Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors (TCM)

Community acupuncture for pregnancy and postpartum on Thursdays at Bay Area Midwifery Center (BAM) – one time fee of $20 for low income mothers!

Note: “*”denotes the practitioner works with newborns/babies

Network Chiropractors
Traditional Holistic Chiropractor

Note: “*”denotes the practitioner works with newborns/babies


Note: “*”denotes the practitioner works with newborns/babies

Bodywork/Energy Work (Excluding Acupuncture)

Note: “*”denotes the practitioner works with newborns/babies

Therapy/Support Groups
Low fee
Father’s Forum
  • Bruce Linton 510-644-0300
Solo Parents Support Groups
Queer Parents Support Groups
  • Alexis Mulhauser – Macrobiotic Chef (and Yoga Teacher)
  • See “Nutrition” section in “General Resources – Informational”
Naturopathic Doctors (NDs), Holistic Care Providers, Gynecology (Well Woman Care)
Miscarriage Support
Essential Oils
Herbs (Bulk)
Dentists (Holistic)
  • Whole Body Dentistry by Mark Breiner