Introduction to Well Woman Care

Introduction to Well Woman Care - Ken Goldman

Ever wish you get your pap smear or STI screening from a midwife? In your home?

Well, you can!

Midwives are professional health care providers who offer primary care to healthy women throughout their childbearing periods of life, menarch to menopause. This model of care encompasses women’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and intends to foster self-determination in women throughout their lives.

You can receive a health and wellness screen using the Midwifery Model of Care to address common discomforts and detect and prevent dis-ease/imbalance. We make referrals as necessary for needs outside the midwifery scope of practice.

To aid in proper growth, general well-being, cultivating joy and love, we work with you to make lifestyle changes, we provide nutritional counseling, we use alternative modalities such as herbs and homeopathy, and we use healing touch when called to do so.

What the Well Woman Care Includes

Options for Items We May Cover:

(depending on your needs and desires)

2 What the Well Woman Care Includes

  • Comprehensive health history assessment
-Screening for dis-ease, including heavy metal toxicity
  • Facilitation of preventative care to aid in optimal health
  • Options and facilitation to alternative therapy for ailments 
within the range of low-risk, including herbal and 
homeopathic remedies
-Pap Smear – uterine and cervical cancer screen
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing
-Breast Exam
-Physical/Assessment of vital organs
-Reproductive Health Counseling, including: Sexuality, Preconception and Conception, Contraceptive Options*, Fertility Awareness Based Method, Menopause
-Nutritional Counseling, including: Diet analysis and strategizing, cleanses as appropriate
  • Addressing trauma associated with the Conventional Medical
Model of Care.
  • Reiki (healing touch)
  • Energy Clearing/Energy Management
  • Facilitation of connection to Spirit
  • Referrals to local alternative practitioners and medical doctors,
as needed.
The Process to Determine if we are your Midwives

The Process to Determine if we are your Midwives

If you’re seeking Well Woman Care we by-pass the interview process, though we welcome a phone call if you have any questions or would simply like to hear our voice before making a decision to proceed.

If you’d like to set up an appointment, the next step is to send us an inquiry letting us know you are interested.

Please let us know what you’re hoping with regards to the care (and specific services from what we have to offer). Please include any pertinent information to your history and health.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll confirm we’re available and you can begin the intake process.

Getting Started with Awakenings – the Intake Process!

Getting Started with Awakenings - the Intake Process!

If we have decided to move forward together, there will be much to do and read so that we are all on the same page as we move forward.

(If reading is challenging for you, please let us know and we can discuss all matters instead.)

Please prioritize and allow ample time to take care of all matters regarding your midwifery care.

You can download and print the Well Woman Welcome Pack {LINK} here or request it to be sent to you via snail mail. Anticipate an hour or two to read through and fill out all the required documents.

The documents included in the Well Woman Welcome Pack are:

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Midwifery Care Informed Decision for Well Woman Care
  3. Financial Agreement for Well Woman Care
  4. Awakenings Birth Services and Client Bill of Rights
  5. Licensed Midwife Disclosure
  6. Arbitration Agreement
  7. Notice of Privacy Practices Informed Decision
  8. Privacy Practices (HIPAA)
  9. Intake for Birth and Well-Woman Services
  10. Laboratory Screening Informed Decision for Well Woman Care

Once you have completed reading through and filling out these forms, contact us and we will have a phone/email conversation to go over any questions that may have arisen.

When all is said and done, we can set up the first appointment!

  • Be prepared to pay for the services in full at the first visit.

  • Be prepared to pay a “Petty Cash” Refundable Deposit which will be determined upon completion of the Intake Process and be based on your needs and desires.

Well Woman Care
Location: Appointment location varies depending on the week. They take place either at your home or our (home) office.

Appointments are during normal business hours, Monday – Thursday.

Length of Appointments: Visits are scheduled for 2 hours.

Fees for Services

Fees for Services

Let us know your financial situation and we’ll decide on a fee that works for all of us.

We do offer a sliding scale (see section below).

Packages of 5 sessions are also available and highly encouraged. If you are interested in this, let us know!

Additional Expenses: Refundable Deposit

Additional Expenses

The standard fee does not include any lab work such as paps, blood draws, or STI testing. It does not include herbal and homeopathic remedies.

These may incur an additional expense.

Because of this, you are required to pay, separate from the Well Woman Care fee, a “Petty Cash” Refundable Deposit. Any additional expenses will be paid through this Petty Cash. Any expenses exceeding the refundable deposit will be billed accordingly and you are responsible to pay. Any unused funds will be returned.

The “Petty Cash” Refundable Deposit amount varies depending on what testing/screening you plan to receive, and on if you bill insurance or not.

Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale

Access to midwifery care is EXTREMELY important to Awakenings. We hope to provide care to all people regardless of income.

As homebirth and holistic care has grown, it has moved further and further from low-income communities and women of color. In staying true to the values of midwifery, we offer sliding scale and flexible payment plans. We encourage you to discuss your financial status and obligations with us to determine what you are able to pay for quality midwifery care.

We trust you will value and prioritize this quality care you receive over accessories and abundance. But even still, it can be challenging to know whether one qualifies for a sliding scale. A guideline is provided below.

When assessing the need to use the sliding scale, please take into account familial income as well.

If you decide the sliding scale applies to you, please consider bartering for the sliding scale portion of the fee. Please share with us what you or your family members have to offer and propose what the trade could be, and we will consider it!

Please note, any bartering for a product or service will be at the wholesale cost to you – not the retail price. For example, you sell 1000 apples. It costs you $1000 to produce those apples. You then sell those apples for $2000 to you customers. If we slide the scale for you $1000, the trade will be 1000 apples (not 500). Does that make sense? Does it also make sense why this would be the wholesale price and not the retail price?


If you are able to pay the full fee, thank you. Your doing so allows us to offer this high-quality service to those with less resources. Midwifery is about supporting one another, and this is part of that process.


Use the list below as a framework for determining the suggested fee for an appointment.

Because quality midwifery care is dependent on relationship, we encourage a series of appointments, roughly 5, to get started, and regular quarterly visits thereafter. Packages of 5 visits can be purchased at a discounted rate. Please inquire if you are interested in this discount.

Annual familial income less than $20,000 your fee is $50
Annual familial income between $20,000-30,000 the fee is $75
Annual familial income between $30,000-45,000 the fee is $125
Annual familial income between $45,000-80,000 the fee is $225
Annual familial income above $80,000 the fee is $250

Insurance Coverage

If you have a PPO health insurance, you may be able to obtain reimbursement in accordance with your insurance plan for services from providers who are “out-of-network.”

Here at Awakenings, we are not insurance billers, we are midwives. So, in order bill insurance you agree to use a third party – Larsen Billing Service (LBS) – to manage the insurance billing. LBS submits the appropriate forms to your insurer and follows up with any claims.

If the insurance company accepts your claims, you will be reimbursed according to your insurance plan. Any insurance reimbursements will be put towards compensating the standard fee of Awakenings for the services provided. If the insurance reimbursements do no cover the fee for services, clients are required to pay the remaining balance. The deposit put forth by the client according to the payment plan, will be used to pay the remaining balance of the standard fee for services. Any remaining funds from the deposit will be returned to the client.

If the insurance company denies your claims, you are responsible to pay Awakenings Birth Services the standard fee for services, less, if applicable, a sliding scale discount. Any payments put toward the deposit will be put toward covering the remaining dues for the standard fee for services.

Insurance Billing Services FEE

If you will be billing insurance, upon contracting with Awakenings, you are also contracting with an insurance billing company- Larsen Billing Service (LBS) – and are subject to fees:

Registration online (Required): Fee waived.
Partial Care (series of visits) is $50
Well-Woman claim is $20.

Note: Fees subject to change without notice.
Note: Except for the mandatory online registration, the fees associated with the biller will be derived from the “Petty Cash” Refundable Deposit.