Awakenings Birth Services

Here at Awakenings we are committed to helping families explore their visions and desires for an empowering, healthy birth. We support you in discovering and meeting your prenatal, postnatal, and overall wellness needs, facilitating a holistic and supportive experience for you, your family and your baby. Your birth will look and be different from anything you’ve seen on TV, anything you’ve heard elsewhere, and offers the potential to be an amazing welcome to your new little addition to the family.

We are excited to learn about your needs and dreams. And please learn about us here on this site. We look forward to being in touch, as you begin this journey of new life, and new possibilities.

*Examples of Research showing the Safety of Homebirth:
Outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives: large prospective study in North America, Johnson and Daviss, 2005

Citizens For Midwifery have gathered research on the safety of homebirth