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What can birth look like?

Something different than being rushed down a hospital hallway, screaming and cursing at your partner that you’re never going to have sex again, and telling the doctor to do whatever he wants to your body to just get this baby out, right? Yeah. It can look different. It can be completely, night and day different.


What could your birth be like?

Here at Awakenings we are committed to helping families explore their desires and dreams, as well as support you in the process of bringing to light any barriers that stand in the way you becoming your whole highest self — allowing this to be a truly transformative rite-of-passage.

That means your birth will look and be different from anything you’ve seen on TV, anything you’ve heard elsewhere, and offers the potential to be an amazing welcome to your new little addition to the family.


The research* has all been done: for a healthy woman, giving birth naturally at home is as safe as giving birth in hospital! They finally figured it out. Women have, after all, been giving birth for, ahh… just a few thousand years. The deeper truth is that many women are much more satisfied with their experience at home, as unnecessary interventions are avoided.


So, what makes sense for you, only you know. But if you’d like to see what’s possible, give us a call.