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What can birth look like? What could YOUR birth be like?
Working together we will help you awaken
your deepest desires, your visions, your dreams…

The research has all been done: for a healthy woman, giving birth naturally at home is as safe as giving birth in hospital! The deeper truth is that women are much more satisfied with their experience at home, as unnecessary interventions are avoided, and client desires are truly respected. Our midwives are committed to helping the families we work with explore their desires and dreams, as well as bringing to light any barriers that stand in the way of a truly transformative experience for all involved.

*Planned home birth for low risk women in North America, Johnson & Daviss, 2005

What are your visions, your dreams, for the birth of your baby?

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Our Philosophy

We value women as unique individuals with life-giving powers. We believe that each woman has the right to a supportive, respectful caregiver who will see her as autonomous and competent to make decisions regarding all aspects of her life.

We value the physical, psychosocial and spiritual health, well-being and safety of every mother and baby and understand that the the process of labor and birth is a rite of passage with mother and baby as equal participants.

We value birth as a personal, intimate, internal, sexual and social experience to be shared in the environment and with the attendants a woman chooses.

We value the sentient and sensitive nature of the newborn and affirm every baby’s right to a caring and loving birth without separation from mother with breastfeeding being the ideal way to nourish and nurture her newborn (adapted from the MANA statement of values & ethics).

What Mamas Say About Us

“They are the most caring and supportive midwives I have found. They have made such a huge imprint on my life. They have continually gone above and beyond to make me feel safe, comfortable and cared for.” - Artist

“I was in their care from the beginning of my pregnancy, and they helped me prepare for my VBAC from Day 1 with passion, compassion, wisdom and amazing knowledge and support. Without their dedication to safe VBAC and their passion about their work in general, I wouldn’t have been able to prepare for and have the birth I desperately needed to recover from my previous birth experience.” - Regional HR Director

“They have transformed the meaning of care for me and I wish more women had the same level of support for their birth. Because of their support throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I had an amazing birth and bonding experience with my second child. I believe that this helped her to be such a peaceful, healthy baby and has contributed to the incredible bond I feel with her.” - Yoga Teacher

“A year later with a wonderful one-year old girl I can not stress enough how amazing our experience was. I learned more from the prenatal care within those few months than I ever learned from all the doctors, nurses visits in my entire life combined – lessons on diet, parenting, exercise, that I continue to apply today and expect to for the rest of my life.” - International Financial Analyst

“They are masters at giving true informed consent. They present all of the options when it comes to all of the little decisions one must make when pregnant. And they do it with no attachment to what you decide!” - Chiropractor

“While I felt insecure and powerless in the hospital, I felt confident and strong in my home birth. While I felt abandoned after the delivery in the hospital, I was given ultimate support at home – they cooked for me, gave step-by-step instructions to help heal me “down there”, and even prepared placenta pills to prevent postpartum depression (which helped a lot!)” - Public Health Nurse

“I finally got to have the midwife/homebirth experience that I wanted with my second son. They are a great team and their collective experience was essential when it counted the most for the birth of my second child! My Oakland midwives truly supported my breastfeeding, rather than hospital lip service.” - La Leche Leader

“The Awakenings midwives enabled me to have the tranquil, healthy, gentle birth I knew was possible (yes, it’s possible!). They actively involved my older child in the process. I was also very impressed with the breadth of their medical expertise and experience.” - English Teacher

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. – Jung

About the Artwork

All artwork is from our private collection & proper attribution is impossible. To the unidentified artists: no disrespect is intended; we honor you the only way we are able, by sharing your creations on these pages. Works are listed in order of appearance.

  1. Abundance; commercial print
  2. Full Moon Mother; hand thrown ceramic
  3. Ancient Mother; stone carving, Taino people, Puerto Rico
  4. Giving Birth to the World; Alex Flores, acrylic on wood
  5. Mermaid Birth; Linda Glover, print from original woodcut
  6. Birth Dance; Neith Nevelson, acrylic on canvas
  7. Fish hook Mother, wood carving, Africa
  8. Squatting Mother, wood carving, Africa
  9. Mother & Child, wood carving, Africa
  10. Amazonian Mother, fb posting
  11. Nursing Mother, wood carving,Thailand
  12. Healing Mother, clay fired, Central America